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Woman blind and disabled from premature birth graduates summa cum laude

talian news outlet Il Mattino recently published the story of a young woman (26 years old), Maria Chiara, blind and disabled from birth, who has just graduated from the University Suor Orsola Benincasa in Languages and International Cooperation. She earned her PhD with the highest score possible, the Italian equivalent of “summa cum laude.” We can’t help but want to send her our enthusiastic and heartfelt congratulations!

Mary’s dynamic personality

Mary (as Maria Chiara’s friends call her) faced an uphill start. She was born prematurely at only 6 months’ gestation, due to a detachment of the placenta, which caused serious health consequences: blindness and spastic tetraparesis.

In spite of her disability, or perhaps even because of it, Mary has developed many talents: She loves languages (she speaks three), and she’s been studying music, singing, and composing songs since the age of 13. Her greatest gift, however, is her exuberant spirit.

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