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Tag: prolife

The Pope and Eucharistic Inconsistency

By Kresta in the Afternoon Ann Arbor, Michigan, 27 September 2021 / 11:15 am On his return flight from Slovakia, Pope Francis commented on a hot topic in American Catholicism: should pro-abortion politicians receive the Eucharist? The pope even said clearly that abortion is “homicide.”

Focus on Life Banquet (featuring Alan Keyes, Ph.D.)

RIGHT TO LIFE ANNUAL FUND RAISING BANQUET MACOMB COUNTY N. AND N,.W, FEATURING SPECIAL GUEST SPEAKER ALAN KEYES PH.D. Alan has lived a life dedicated to defending, promoting and fight for liberty. He holds a PH.D in government from Harvard and wrote his dissertation on

40 DFL Kickoff Rally & Jericho March

Please join your pro-life friends at the Fall 40 Days For Life Kickoff Rally & Jericho March. We will gather outside of Planned Parenthood at 3100 Professional Dr. on Sun, September 19th at 2 pm for the Kickoff Rally immediately followed by Lap 1 of

The Case for a Global Ban on Surrogacy

The surrogacy industry got its start based on the same principles of bodily autonomy and privacy that piloted Roe v. Wade and abortion—what the surrogate or egg donor does with her own body is her business, no one else’s. Like a barnacle, this “gestational service” attached itself