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Tag: Epiphany

Epiphany – May 2, 2021

‘And the harvest of righteousness is sown in peace by those who make peace’ Jas 3:18 Fr. Dan Kogut returns to Epiphany to talk about St. Padre Pio, confession, and more. Sr. Lisa Zelfa, SGL returns also share the news of a first-ever opportunity for

Epiphany – May 1, 2021

‘for each tree is known by its own fruit’ Lk 6:44 Deacon Gene Leger opens up today’s show talking about St. Joseph in honor of his feast day today. Tiffany Welka encourage us to invest with moral intent. Kathy Svoboda breaks open the Family of

Epiphany – April 25, 2021

‘I am the good shepherd;’ Jn 10:14 Dr. Mary Healy shares her love of scripture with a conversation about the Gospel of Mark. Dr. Mike Giles shares his wisdom and wit with a lively discussion about St. Augustine. Deacon Sermed Ashkouri talks about his bi-ritual

Epiphany – April 24, 2021

‘For I am with you to save you, says the Lord;’ Jer 29:11 Ismat Karmo updates us on the status of Christians in Iraq and the Nineveh Council’s plans for the future. Katie Bogner authored a wonderful book to help your kids with reading the

Epiphany – April 18, 2021

‘Then he opened their minds to understand the Scripture’ LK 24:45 Keir Ward is a beautiful witness to the power of God’s love in one’s life. Be inspired and encouraged by his interview. Patrice Abona gives details about important events coming up at ECRC like

Epiphany – April 17, 2021

‘they saw Jesus walking on the sea and drawing near to the boat’ Jn 6:19 Iklas Bashi talks about our identity, it’s true source, and social media. Tiffany Welka explains investing that aligns with our faith. Alicia Wong from Guadalupe Workers gives hope to mother’s

Epiphany – April 11, 2021

‘You have believed because you have seen me. Blessed are those who have no seen and yet believe’ Jn 20:29 It’s Divine Mercy Sunday. The talk is all about Jesus’ Divine Mercy with Catherine Lanni from the Shrine of Jesus The Divine Mercy. Lisa and

Epiphany – April 10, 2021

and he said to them ‘Go into all the world and preach the gospel to the whole creation’ Mk 16:15 Fr. Craig Giera and Fr. David Pellican expound on their vocations podcast ‘Men of the Hearts’. Dr. Ken Howell breaks open his book ‘Mystery of

Epiphany – April 4, 2021

‘The Lord has risen indeed, and has appeared to Simon!’ Lk 24:34 Bishop Francis Kalabat opens up today’s program reflecting on his trip to Iraq to join Pope Francis for this historical event. Fr. Perrin Atisha talks about three different Chaldean Saints. We complete our

Epiphany – April 3, 2021

Christ became obedient for us even unto death, death on a cross Iklas Bashi talks eloquently explains spiritual warfare and invites us to attend a very important talk. Courtney Nixon encourages us to support St. Fabian by participating in the auction coming up. Teresa Tomeo