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A priest called the “wrong” number … and God made great things happen.

Fr. Goyo Hidalgo is a Catholic priest, originally from Spain, who is now carrying out his priestly ministry at St. Philomena Parish in Carson, California (Archdiocese of Los Angeles).

In June, he experienced one of those “Godincidences” where a mistake helped him reach out to someone in need.

Fr. Goyo had intended to call a parishioner who had left a message, but the person didn’t answer, so his call ended up at voicemail. So, he left this message: “This is Fr. Goyo. I know you needed to talk. I’m here.” He had no idea he hadn’t called the person he’d intended to contact, and he wasn’t surprised when the phone rang two minutes later.

However, the voice on the other end of the line wasn’t the parishioner he thought he’d called, but an unknown man who said, “I wanted to talk to a priest for a long time but I was nervous. How did you know?” As Fr. Goyo explained in a tweet, he didn’t know; he’d simply dialed a wrong number.

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