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Pope Francis meets actor who plays Jesus in ‘The Chosen’

The actor who plays Jesus in the internet series “The Chosen” metPope Francis on Wednesday, fulfilling a lifelong dream as he visits Rome this week to view pilgrimage sites related to the Gospels.

Jonathan Roumie, a Catholic who since 2019 has brought Christ to the screen for the evangelical Christian-produced series, told CNA that meeting the pope was “a childhood dream realized.”

“From the time I was a kid, I always wanted to meet the pope and go to World Youth Day, and I never knew how to do that. My parents were immigrants, so that wasn’t something that they knew about,” Roumie said after meeting the pope on Aug. 11.

The actor addressed the pope in Spanish and asked Francis to pray for him as he continues to portray Jesus in the internet series.

“His eyes kind of lit up when I said that,” the actor said.

Dallas Jenkins, the director of “The Chosen,” also met Pope Francis at the end of the pope’s general audience in Vatican City’s Paul VI Hall. 

Jenkins, an evangelical Christian, said that the experience was “less of a personal thing,” but that the audience was really interesting.

“When I met him, I said, ‘I’m a Protestant, but I’m making a show about Jesus that people of all faiths appreciate,’” Jenkins said.

The pope’s response caught him by surprise. 

Pope Francis “pointed to Jonathan and he said: ‘Is he Jesus?’ And I said, ‘yes.’ And he said, ‘Are you Judas?’ And I said, ‘no, no no,’ and he laughed.”

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