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Our Lady of Sorrows: When We Can Grieve With Mary

It’s happening again—you find yourself sinking into hopelessness as you scroll or flip or turn page after page of devastating world news. Your own life is heavier now, too, especially after the confusion and uncertainty surrounding the global pandemic. Your heart vacillates in that enigmatic space between hope and fear, and you find yourself in a perpetual state of waiting—but for what? For whom? 

Are we like the ten wise virgins, or the ten foolish ones? Do we go about our routines with a sense of attunement to God, always listening in some distant part of our souls for what He is asking of us next? Or do we find ourselves becoming drowsy with worldly affairs, too consumed by what everyone tells us we need to—and can—control so that we are safe?

The reality is that we can never trade safety for fidelity to God. And every one of us comes to a place of reckoning, where we must choose. We have entered troubling times, but there are more troubling times in store. We don’t know yet what they are, but what we do know is this—we can walk with Mary in our grief.

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