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“Kresta in the Afternoon”— August 19, 2014

Talking about the “things that matter most” on August 19


4:00 – Ferguson: The Prayers, the Protests and the Pathetic Media


In the days since Michael Brown’s death in Missouri, protests and riots have broken out. Many people are peacefully protesting, while others are resorting to violence and looting. Law enforcement has responded with riot shields, tear gas and rubber bullets. Teresa Tomeo was in Ferguson early this week, and she joins us with her observations on the unrest in the city and how the media is covering it.


4:20 – Global Crossings: Immigration, Civilization and America


Global Crossings cuts through the jungle of myth, falsehood, and misrepresentation that dominates the immigration debate, clarifying the causes and consequences of human migration. Author Alvaro Llosa first looks at the immigrant experience, which connects the present to the past, and America to the rest of the world, and explores who immigrants are and why they move. He reviews such topics as religion, education, entrepreneurial spirit, and attitudes toward the receiving society, and analyzes economic factors that include jobs, wages, education, and the welfare state. Alvaro joins us.


5:00 – Kresta Comments: God has no grandchildren—Why adult Christians fall away from the Faith.



5:20 – The Bible and Economic Justice


Tim Gray, the president and an associate professor of Sacred Scripture at the Augustine Institute, joins us to discuss what the Bible says about economic justice.



5:40 – Attending to Kenya’s poorest children


More than half of Kenya’s population is younger than 15 and 46% of the population lives on less than $1 per day. Cross Catholic Outreach is committed to helping provide education and nutrition for Kenya’s children. A donation of $110 will give a child meals and a strong Catholic education for one year. Outreach President Jim Cavnar joins us. 

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