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Kresta in the Afternoon – April 22, 2021 – Hour 1

We discuss the latest in Hong Kong and further reactions to the Chauvin case, and Terry Mattingly asks why the mainstream press has neglected to cover the latest ISIS beheading.

Kresta Comments: The Christian Response to Violence

The circumstances of the murder of George Floyd and the deaths of Adam Toledo and Ma’Khia Bryant are different, but they are undoubtedly tragic. How should we respond to them? What does St Paul say about responding with charity? Al discusses.

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Vandals splattered blood and left a severed pig’s head outside the former home of an expert who testified for Derek Chauvin’s defense

Adam Toledo’s death puts focus on split-second police decisions

Ma’Khia Bryant: Police Identify Officer Who Shot Teen, Release Video Footage

LeBron James deletes tweet targeting officer who shot Ma’Khia Bryant

Cops Don’t Get to Print Corrections

Social Media interaction shows why we shouldn’t make assumptions

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China Continues Hong Kong Takeover

Concerns continue to deepen over a crackdown on rights and freedoms in Hong Kong as Catholic media tycoon Jimmy Lai was sentenced to 14 months in prison last week for taking part in unauthorized assemblies during mass pro-democracy protests in the former British colony. Benedict Rogers has the details.

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As Jimmy Lai Is Sentenced to 14 Months in Prison, Hong Kong Catholics’ Concern Grows

Hong Kong as Front Line

Briefing: Human rights developments in Hong Kong in March 2021

Benedict Rogers: What To Do About the 2022 Beijing Olympics?

Benedict Rogers is Chief Executive of Hong Kong Watch. He’s a human rights activist specializing in Asia and writes on Christians solidarity worldwide. He serves with the UK Conservative Party’s Human Rights Commission. Follow him on Twitter @benedictrogers and visit

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Since When is a Beheading “Conservative” News?

We spoke earlier this week with Raymond Ibrahim about a recent ISIS beheading of a Coptic Orthodox Christian. But if you look for more info on the story, you’ll see that most of the attention to this story is coming from outlets such as EWTN and Christianity Today, rather than the mainstream press. Since when is an act of terrorism something only conservative Christians should care about? Terry Mattingly joins us.

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ISIS executes another Coptic Christian: Once again, this appears to be ‘conservative’ news

Ponder this news question: What happens to Afghan religious minorities post-USA?

Beat, Pray, Give: Catholics Want More Done for Persecuted Christians

Terry Mattingly is the editor of Get Religion and writes the nationally-syndicated On Religion column for the Universal Syndicate. He is a senior fellow at the Overby Center at the University of Mississippi, focusing on religion, news and the First Amendment. Visit and and follow him on Twitter @tweetmattingly

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