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Catholic gymnasts who took leaps of faith

Since the turn of the century the United States women’s gymnastic team has been a force to contend with on the world gymnastics scene. In fact since they finished second at the World Championships in 2010 they have not lost a single international competition, dominating the last two Olympics and every world championship.

As they head into the Tokyo Olympics in July they are again looking great. There have been some incredible athletes on these teams for the last couple of decades, but arguably the most significant and recognizable names are devout Catholics.

Dominique Dawes and Simone Biles have both been dominant with Biles often being considered the best all-around gymnast in history. Biles and Dawes are both in the International Gymnastics Hall of Fame with Biles continuing her legacy this year in Tokyo.

Both had very difficult early lives without strong parental influence, and both talk about the significance that their chosen patron saints have had in their lives.

Dawes was on the national team for 10 years, participating in three Olympics and winning gold in Atlanta in 1996, the first ever for the U.S. women.

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