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Cardinal Parolin Talks China, Iraq, Covid, and Curial Reform

Cardinal Pietro Parolin, the Vatican Secretary of State, has given a new interview, this time to the French Catholic broadcaster KTO in which he discussed with director general Philippine de Saint Pierre a number of topical areas including curial reform, the Pope’s planned visit to Iraq in March, his controversial handling of relations with China, recent Vatican financial scandals, and the COVID crisis. 

Here are some of the interview highlights.

Curial reform:

 “…I believe that considerable progress has been made, and that, in fact, the reform has already been achieved… There is talk of a possible merging of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples with the Pontifical Council for the New Evangelization, the Congregation for Catholic Education with the Pontifical Council for Culture. But these are minor actions compared to what has already been done.

The Holy Father has not yet decided on a precise date [for publishing the new Apostolic Constitution]. But I think it will not be long in coming… I think that before the end of this year the Apostolic Constitution will be published.”

Recent financial scandals:

 “…If we look at history, there have always been difficult moments. There have always been situations, how shall I say, not completely transparent; problems, difficulties, etc… The Holy Father wanted to directly confront these problems that have arisen precisely to make the Roman Curia as transparent as possible… I would say that on the one hand there are those problems that unfortunately sadden us, hurt us, but on the other hand it is a sign of the will to make this institution as effective as possible, with the aim of evangelizing today’s world and proclaiming the Gospel to the people of today.”


“The Pope wants to go to Iraq especially to encourage Christians… There is also interreligious dialogue, since going to a Muslim country will certainly be one of the themes that the Pope will address. And then I think, in order to encourage political reforms, the political stability of the country. These, I think, are the goals of this trip.”

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